PHP Developer / Systems Administrator / DevOps Engineer
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA|

Free Web Proxies

Created: Q3 2011
Software: Gentoo Hardened Linux, Apache, PHP-FPM, mod_security

I provide hosting for over 50 domains that run a free Web Proxy script. It allows users to type in a url and access content that might be blocked in their country, or blocked at work, or blocked at school. Server and bandwidth costs are offset by Google AdSense earnings. A large portion 75% of the traffic is going to YouTube. This year the traffic volume is trending down / flat, about 20,000 pageviews per day. At its peak I was averaging 2.2M pageviews per month. I did not write the underlying publicly available proxy script. However, I did optimize and maximize the server configuration to host this script on a large scale. Also created some simple Bootstrap CSS themes for different sites. Most of my future projects have been adding modules to streamline this operation. Sites are live and still running today.

Screen Shots

Home Page

Landing page with AdSense and the URL text box.

Proxy www.google.com

Google as viewed through the proxy. Notice our URL bar at the top of the page.

Google Search "web proxy"

Use Google or any site normally through the proxy.

Bandwidth Graph

Shows how much traffic all the sites are generating. Notice the in / out is nearly asynchronous, indicating some kind of proxied traffic.