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Proxy List v2

Created: Q2 2014
Language: PHP, SQL, Laravel 4, Bootstrap.css

First site built using Laravel 4 framework. Niche site for Google AdSense advertising. Currently about 1000 unique visitors per day. Cumulative lifetime AdSense earnings less than $100k. Fully featured Admin CMS to control all aspects of the site including meta tags and text for maximum SEO performance. Whitelabel, rebrandable for different domain names and mass deployment. Could be sold as a package.


  • Whitelabel, rebrandable, saleable
  • Firefox Extension, Chrome Extension that displays the list of sites, speed, country (currently undeployed)
  • Twitter Bot - Automatically post tweets with links to new sites.
  • Facebook Bot - Link your Twitter Feed for automatic Wall Posts
  • Social sharing links on every page
  • Screenshots via PhantomJS
  • Automated uptime checking / no dead sites: if a site is unreachable then hide it. When its back online, unhide it.
  • Advanced URL checking to prevent spam
  • Live updated RSS Feed
  • Automated site rollover, rotate the list so it appears new sites are frequently added
  • Mobile site with smaller pages and advertisements m.example.com
  • Admin Options:
    • Tweet Queue, moderate / selectively post tweets from new site submissions.
    • Blocklist gTLD to prevent spam (free domains, sub-domains)
    • Extra $$ selling Featured Sites advertisement slots, auto expires after X days and disappears from site
    • Ban user by AdSense ID / string
    • Control all http meta tags for per-page SEO
    • 37 unique expert settings
    • Log of failed attempts
    • Log of uptime status changes
    • "Preferred random" setting adds a weight to your own sites, so they always appear first on the "random" list
    • Password protected admin area, multiple users / admins


  • Get more traffic
  • Profit $$$$$ ?

Screen Shots

Home Page

Webmasters can post their site on the list for increassed traffic and exposure.

Site Details

View details of the selected proxy site.

SSL Category

Showcases webmasters who took the time to set up SSL on their site.

Submit Your Site

Web form where anyone can submit their URL. Advanced filtering to protect from spam.

What Is My IP?

Shows you geoip information about current IP and your JavaScript environment.

Admin Home

Admin index page. Authenticated with username and password.

Admin Edit Site

All collected details of the site and the person who posted it.

Admin Tweet Queue

Queue to moderate the tweets before sending it to Twitter. We dont want to send a spammy link.

Admin Featured Slots

Sell featured slots to advertisers for increased exposure.

Admin Ban by AdSense

Ban webmasters by AdSense id. Prevents spammy links.