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ProxyAdmin CMS

Created: Q3 2011
Language: PHP, SQL, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap.css
Software: Apache

This is an all-in-one Content Management System for a network of multiple sites, to use with a Google AdSense niche.

Bans/Url Blacklist

Live access control list for the site. Ban an IP by typing it in.

Sites Config

Online configuration for all display text on the site.

Backlinks Manager

System to display which backlinks are featured on your site.

Search by Backlink

Reverse search to find which backlink is on which site.

Reverse Backlink Manager

Able to add a backlink to your site with a single click.

Posting Bot

Automated submitting of your url to hundreds of other sites. Per-site configuration and customization.

Admin Page

Various tools; copy links to a new site, calendar for weekly posting