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Data Center Assets Tracker

Created: Q4 2012
Language: PHP, SQL, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap.css

Internal business application to keep track of physical hardware and customer IP address allocations in a datacenter cage environment.


  • Fully customizable cage inventory solution
  • Logs full details about each hardware: mhz, mb / gb, type of interface, sku, id#, manufacturer, part number, and more
  • Searchable by hardware component: find all servers with a specific memory module, specific cpu, etc.
  • Easily associate each server with a customer or other external identifier.
  • Assign cabinet, slot id, power distribution id, WLAN router id, VLAN port id
  • IPv4 / IPv6 ip address block delegation. Assign virtual netblocks to each server to keep track of your total pool count.
  • IPv4 uptime checker. Shows a red status if the IP is down.
  • Server templating with "Clone Server" for common configurations
  • JavaScript features: table sorting, live suggestions search-as-you-type, helpful extended information tooltips


  • cPanel / WHM integration
  • DNS server integration for reverse delegations
  • QR code reader / printer

Screen Shots

Project is in a development / testing state, populated with junk data.

Home Page

List of all servers sortable by column

Configured Server View

ServerID view with all the options, hardware configuration

Component Search

Find all servers with "Uber Raid Card"

IPv4 Allocation Manager

Pool of all your IPv4 addresses and where they are assigned.

IPv6 Allocation Manager

Pool of all your IPv6 addresses and where they are assigned.

All Components

View a list of all the off-the-shelf components.

Component Edit

Edit the attributes of a component. Each category has different attributes.

Dropdown Menu Editor

Edit all categories, Modifies the dropdown menus across the entire site.