Full Stack PHP Developer / Systems Administrator / DevOps
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA|

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • I am computers for 20 years.
  • Hobbies: suburban bicycling, learning, reading, thinking, camping, video games, listening to music, watching live music, movies, watching public speakers talk about interesting things.
  • Interests: innovation, security, the web, science fiction, the universe, tomorrow, shiny things.
  • Favorite reading industry news / blogs: Y Combinator, /r/netsec, ArsTechnica, Krebs on Security
  • Heroes: Any billionaire.

I started computers in 1995 with a family purchased desktop system Packard Bell Legend 60, Intel Pentium 60 mhz, with 8mb of ram, 14.4k dialup modem, 545MB hard drive, and Windows 3.11. I started programming at age 14 in Visual Basic 3. In 1999 I installed Linux for the first time and started writing Bash scripts. In 2002 I learned PHP and SQL and have continued to write that and other various languages over the years. In 2005 I uninstalled Windows and started using Linux desktop for all day to day activities. In 2011 I started renting dedicated servers in the cloud.